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Why buy a home in a park?

There are many advantages to purchasing or placing a home one of our communities. It can be very affordable. You still own your own home, but avoid the cost of land purchase and offset many costs such as the ever increasing property taxes, and the installation of many necessary utilities and such upgrades as paving and sidewalks, landscape, maintenance fees and other desired amenities.

What does the monthly lot payment look like and include?

The lot payment is kept as low as possible to keep living affordable to all our residents and varies slightly, as do the included amenities, in each community. It generally includes the lease of the homesite, water (depending on the park metering system), sewer, street lights, maintenance of all common areas including roads and sidewalks, pools and clubhouses (in all Florida communities), recreational facilities and lawn and landscaping maintenance of the common areas.

What about lot rent increases?

We do have periodic increases due to many factors such as: increasing property taxes and fee increases. We strive to keep our increases to a minimum and they are imposed in small increments annually or bi-annually as needed to help distribute the rising cost of inflation.

Are there rules in the community?

Yes, each community has a set of Rules & Regulations to the benefit of all its residents. They help maintain peace within the community and help to protect the property values by keeping each lot maintained to a certain standard. Each resident is provided with a copy and agrees to abide by its standards.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. Each park has some guidelines regarding pets and the manner in which they are kept, so as to keep the standards equal and to protect our residents. Most allow 1 pet, 20lbs or less, according to the each park Rules & Regulations.

What if we want to sell our home?

You may sell your home independently; some list with a realtor, while others sell privately to another party. Often times our on-site managers are helpful in assisting the process; whether to show a home when you are out of state, in directing an interested party to a contact or to assist in filling out the park package paperwork and answering additional questions. We do require a brief credit/criminal screening process on each applicant prior to their approval. The forms can be provided by our office or can be picked up locally from the on-site manager.